Sporkable Elegance


Lean Cuisine w/ Llano Estacado & Ikebana

Lean Cuisine w/ Llano Estacado & Ikebana


The only problem I have with sporkable (cheap) food is presentation.

It just doesn’t seem right to be drinking a wonderful wine that looks divine in its glass surroundings; dancing and glistening while the sporkable food sits in its plastic or styrofoam prison looking dull and lifeless.

I decided since I’m encouraging people to pair wine (of any price) with cheap food because the wine will enhance the food; why not enhance the presentation with a flower arrangement and a table-cloth?

You don’t have to go as fancy on the flower arrangement as I did (note the photo), but I’m a certified Ikebana teacher. Ikebana is a Japanese flower arrangement. Unfortunately, I have not taught or given a demonstration in years…oh well; some day I’ll get back to it.

Now when I looked at the food, it was just as appetizing as the wine…I couldn’t wait to sit down to my beautiful meal.

Tonight’s Sporkable Fare is Lean Cuisine Tortilla Crusted Fish with rice, poblano peppers & corn in a sour cream sauce. The wine is Llano Estacado Chenin Blanc. All was bought at Kroger and the wine was less than $7. By the way, I mentioned this same wine in my Texas Section under the “38 Wineries in 90 Minutes”. I really like this wine, even thought it is slightly sweeter than a traditional Chenin Blanc. It has a clean finish and a wonderful pear and apple taste with a little bit of honeysuckle; that’s where the sweetness comes in.

The fish had a light breading of corn and pepper. The wine toned down the pepper and cleansed the palate of the earthy, slightly aquatic flavor of the fish.

The rice was cheesy and earthy with a little hint of herbs; almost like grass. The wine smoothed out the earthy part but enhanced the cheese and the rice seemed to mellow out the floral part of the wine.

The whole meal was delightful, the wine was outstanding, and the atmosphere was elegant. You just can’t get any better than that for under $10!


4 thoughts on “Sporkable Elegance

  1. Great idea – and to mkae it really affordable you just need to use your vacu vin so you can sip on that wine the next night and make it go a bit further…..


  2. A lovely presentation, Lori. With so many of us in such a rush for food each day, it’s nice to see a little elegance added to fast food. The floral design is a beautiful touch. I’m anxious to read more. Keep up the wonderful blog! It always makes me smile.


  3. I think you have another field to go into. Writing anyone that can make a meal of lean Cuisine sound that good. Would do well.


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