Sauvignon Blanc: the Gin & Tonic of Wine

4 Sauvignon Blanc Wines

During the Summer I actually have a hard time drinking wine….shocking I know!

I’ve always been a gin & tonic with a lime kind of gal to keep me going during the awful Texas heat. But when I was doing my Sommelier certification last Summer, I didn’t have time to enjoy my favorite “G & T” because I was drinking so much wine. That’s when Sauvignon Blanc entered my life.

I always was a Chardonnay drinker, never Sauvignon Blanc. I could not get past the smell of Sauvignon Blanc, aka “Savvy B” (for the hip & happening crowd)…because, as some of you have read in one of my previous blogs, the smell of ‘cat pee’ is a good thing. So I had to learn to embrace that distinctive smell and enjoy the fact that it definitely did not taste the same way it smelled. I discovered that “Savvy  B.” was much like my beloved G & T… tangy, zesty, and refreshing.

So put down the cocktails, here are 4 Sauvignon Blanc wines.

2006 St. Supery from Napa, California. 13.5% alc. (bought at a liquor store).  (

This happens to be the same vineyard we visited last year. I was not very complimentary of their wine. They are known for their Sauvignon Blanc and I’m glad I retasted it. The smell was bell pepper, lime, green beans with a little green herbal quality. It tasted of light parsley, lime, grapefruit and bell pepper. Overall: very light, clean with a little zest.

2009 Times Ten.  ( The grapes came from Lake County (North of Napa). But it was made in Dallas, Texas and bought at the Dallas winery. 13.8% alc.

This was the most intense smelling of all the wines. Lots of floral and grassy tones. The taste was lime, lemon, hay, and roses. Overall: bold and zesty. Drinkable on it’s own.

2008 Starborough New Zealand, Marlborough area. Bought at the grocery store. 12.5% alc. (

The smell was kind of harsh with gravel, bell pepper,and grapefruit. The taste was bell pepper, green chilies, green beans and citrus in the back of the mouth. Overall: more vegetable tasting than citrus.

2008 Robert Oately Western Australia. 12.5% alc. Bought at Costco (like a Sam’s for those who don’t know). (

The smell was funky like petroleum and asparagus but the taste was surprisingly subtle. It had lime, banana, oregano and very soft on the tongue. Overall: light herbal and citrus.

For a quick sporkable pairing…I had a Ham sandwich with wheat bread, red leaf lettuce, Hellmann’s mayo, and yellow tomatoes.

The St. Supery was the most balanced with the sandwich, neither one changed very much.

Both the Times Ten wine and sandwich became sweeter.

Starborough made the sandwich zesty with a more herbal quality of oregano.

Robert Oately brought out a more citrus flavor in the ham.

I have to admit that I’m turning into a “Savvy B.” Gal. So I’m going to pour me a chilled glass and enjoy what’s left of Summer.



4 thoughts on “Sauvignon Blanc: the Gin & Tonic of Wine

  1. I’m a G&T kind of a girl myself! They are fabulous summer drinks! Autumn/Winter I’m more of a rum and coke girl! Glad you found something that refreshes you like a good G&T! 🙂


  2. Yes, the “gravel” reference stopped me too.

    Like you, I have always been a Chardonnay kinda person; now I’ll have to try a Sauvignon Blanc, especially in the warmer weather…although I admit the concerns about smell are somewhat….concerning. Oh well, I can get past that.


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