The Harvest Wedding!

My dear long-suffering husband, Sully, has said “we meet the nicest people through your wine interests”. I have to agree! I feel that if you are following your passion, the most amazing things will happen.

Our dear friends, Amy & Chris, decided to tie the knot on the vineyard that Times Ten Cellars ( owns in Alpine, TX.(Chris is the winemaker for Times Ten). However, we were informed that the grapes decided to have their brix level (Sugar Content) at the optimum level and needed to be picked. So we were in for a wedding & harvest event. When the grapes tell you they are ready, you obey! Aww the glamorous life of a winemaker….

While we were in Alpine, we had experienced intermittent rain (yes, RAIN!). That’s all anyone could talk about….Just to let y’all know, Alpine gets cool at night and the elevation is 4,480′ but rain is a bit scarce. But the skies at night are amazing where you can see ALL of the constellations and the Milkyway! It reminds me a bit of my growing up in the country outside of Abilene.

The day of the wedding was full of multi-tasking; picking grapes, hauling grapes, crushing grapes, picking flowers for the Brides bouquet, setting up chairs, tables, wine glasses, helping the band (The O’s, who are a kick ass twosome that you NEED to see, stringing lights, decorating tables, drinking wine & beer, shooting guns, laughing and praying the rain does not come…

Everything was set. Bride & Groom left to get ready. The lights were twinkling, the tables were set, The O’s had their sound check and said the music was incredible as it traveled around the valley and the mountains. So off we went to put on our boots and get ready for a fantastic celebration!

As we drove back to the vineyard, we realized that a rain storm had blown through. We were greeted with soggy decorations, mud, broken wine glasses and no electricity. John and Taylor’s speakers that were on stands were blown over. Luckily they had a tarp over their equipment, but we didn’t know how much damage had been done and the wedding was supposed to start in about an hour and it was still spitting rain.

The caterer/manager Stephen Wood from the Saddle Club ( said that we could move everything into town and we could use the Granada Theater ( That was a fantastic plan, however cell phones don’t work out at the vineyard so there was no way we could get in contact with Chris & Amy to tell them that their wedding was being moved; besides they had their hearts set on a vineyard wedding and they worked so hard clearing the land and making sure everything looked perfect…plus Cathedral Mountain(elev.6800) would be the backdrop for all of the festivities. So a decision was made to have the ceremony in the barn and the reception in town.

A mad scramble commenced and decorations, candles, musical instruments, wine barrels, chairs, tables, and glasses were hauled down the hillside into the barn…in the rain…the barn never looked so good. I must say the most clever thing I saw was my F.G. Peeps (Fondue Gang, yeah that’s right, we be fer reals, yo) Audrey & Kristin, roll out white butcher paper to make an aisle and then threaten ANYONE who stepped on it…don’t be messing with F.G., we mean business!

Amy & Chris arrived and were told that there was a slight change in plans and both of them were so amazed at the work we had done and were grateful that everyone pitched in to help. So they gave the “ok” and Chris took his place in the barn and waited for Amy’s Father to escort her down the aisle. Everyone was packed into the barn grinning from ear to ear, candles flickered, The O’s played Harvest Moon and Amy and Chris said “I do”. We all raised our glasses and cheered.

We hurried to pack everything up and head into Alpine to the Granada Theater for the Party! Sully and I were the roadie/chauffeur for The O’s ( by the way, John & Taylor, thanks for giving me the opportunity check off a Bucket List wish by letting me to be able to officially say “I’m with the band”).

Everyone came pouring into the Granada and started putting up the decorations, opening wine bottles, lighting candles and taking their places at the tables. The caterer was set and The O’s started playing…the party had begun! Chris made a toast and thanked everyone for their hard work and then he said that he and Amy didn’t light a unity candle because they were doing the wine makers version of a unity candle and he took a bottle of Grenache and poured a little into a glass and Amy took a bottle of Viogner and poured it into the same glass and they drank from it and invited everyone to do the same.

What a wedding…what a night…what a weekend! I am so proud to be associated with such caring, giving people….Yes, I have met some of the nicest people through wine, so guess I need to keep following my passion!

P.S. just a little “shout out” to the F.G. for an awesome job this weekend. If you want to see who the official FG members are go to: Honorary members now include Eric, The O’s – John Pedigo & Taylor Young.

Cheers Y’all & here are some photos from The Event:


4 thoughts on “The Harvest Wedding!

  1. Lori, ABSOLUTELY LOVED being included in The Harvest Wedding! The photos and comments…a memory for the new couple to cherish. What a story! What a celebration!!

    Hope Rick and I can meet up with you and Sully one of these days. Please give our best wishes to Amy and Chris — may they share many glasses of wine together!

    Best always,

    Helen Beck


    • Helen, Thanks so much!
      You and Rick would have fit right in.
      Amy & Chris know who you are because of a generous gift y’all gave me…and I shared with them;-)


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