The Aftermath of Sporkable Wine

Sorry Twisted Peeps that it has been awhile since my last post, but I have been mulling over my $3 wine experience.

After having so much bad wine, especially red…I would have flash backs of vinegar, wet dog, and funky forest floor as I tried to open a bottle. I had to tell myself it’s ok…the Cabernet Sauvignon from Chateau Montelena is good! Remember the fun you and Catherine had drinking it and watching Bottle Shock?

You can read about it here:

By the way, my Dear Cousin Catherine has not talked to me since we did the $3 Cabernets….

Also, I learned that $10 wine makes a better cooking wine than $3 wine. I took the leftover “sporkable” wine and made Beef Bourguignon. It was ok, but some of that vinegar acidity that was so prevalent in the wine got passed on to the food. I missed the black fruits that round out this hardy, beefy dish.

Something else I have learned is that I’m a bit of a snob.

When I was purchasing these wines I felt no joy and I kept thinking…I hope no one sees me doing this and I was sort of saddened by it especially when I was at the Aldi store.

For those who don’t know about Aldi…it is a very stripped down, bare bones shell of a store. All the products are stacked on pallets or shelves. No one helps you bag or carry anything and you bring your own bags or you can rent a cart. The depressing part is the clientele. Everyone looks like they are struggling financially. It is not festive like Trader Joes with their “tropical” theme or Whole Foods with their happy, knowledgeable staff or bustling like Wal-mart.

I think what got to me was a gentleman dressed in a suit buying the same wine “Winking Owl” as me. He looked like he had seen better days. His face was wrinkled and grey. He just looked worn out and his suit fit loosely on him.

I am probably reading too much into his “look”, but it was just one of those observations that made me Grateful for my family, friends and good wine.

I am also thankful for the condolences for my palate and the appreciation of my courage to do this so Y’all don’t have to.

Anything for my Twisted Peeps. I think Y’all are awesome too!

Cheers Y’all!


7 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Sporkable Wine

  1. After hanging up from Dennis telling you about my wine selection at a nice restuarant.Then I see your blog on cheap wine. I enjoy Beringers white Zin. I know you are always kidding and shaking your head. But we sat enjoying that glass last nite just wqtching the boats go by and a beautiful evening. I only get one glass of wine a week. Not that I don’t have enough in the house To bad I don’t have anymore of the Christian Bros. wine from the 80’s.


    • Norine, speaking of Christian Bros., I dated a coed @ St. Mary’s College in Moraga, Ca. in the mid ’70’s. The college is run by the Christian Bros. and her Dorm buildings supervisor, Brother Timothy had one wall of his room stocked w/ CB wines which could be had for a buck or two donation to the order. Needless to say Lita & I were frequently donating.


      • That is a great story J Dawg.
        In fact, my Mom-in-Law (Norine) actually shared her last bottle of CB Riesling from the 80’s with me and it was still good.


  2. Dear Lori.
    Sorry for not posting to the $3 Cab tasting experience, but I was so feeling sorry for you that one of my acerbic posts would have been surely misplaced. We had a bottle of some of that gifted over Christmas by our pilates studio. It had a custom label and no sourcing so we opened it. 2 buck chuck by the nose and palate, We had a half glass and it sat on the counter. Finally, Helen was cooking up some spaghetti sauce and I asked if she’d like to use the wine. A sideways glance soon had the rest of the bottle going down the drain.

    I can relate to your shopping experience. Hard times are all around and we have more than our share here since the mild climate is conducive to year-round street life by the unfortunate souls that have been wiped out by life’s misadventures. We count our lucky stars we are blessed with more good fortune than many others.

    Looking forward to the ’05 results. That was a VERY good year in California.


  3. Never cook with wine you wouldn’t drink. Forget what chef said that, but they’re words to live, and drink, by.


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