Wallace, Kalyra, & Taco Bell

I know I’ve said this before…

I live in a state that has fantastic Mexican food, and yet Taco Bell http://www.tacobell.com/ keeps calling to me….it is a very powerful junk food call….

So this time I tried the new Doritos Supreme Taco and the Fresco Soft Taco with ground beef. I actually ordered the chicken fresco and my order got screwed up…oh well…

I paired the tacos with a 2009 Wallace by Ben Glaetzer from the Barossa Valley, Australia, which is a blend of Shiraz/Grenache http://www.glaetzer.com/

and a 2009 Kalyra white wine  that I got in California, which is a blend of Semillon/Verdelho http://www.kalyrawinery.com/

The Shiraz in the Wallace is Black cherry, plum and licorice, but it is balanced by the Grenache which gives an earthy finish to the wine.

The Semillon in the Kalyra wine is full of fig, honey, and toast but the Verdelho counters that with lemon, lime and a citrus acidity that makes a nice palate cleanser.

First up was the Doritos taco which was spicy, salty and a little cheesy.

The Wallace was a good pairing. The fruit in the wine balanced the saltiness and boosted the spicy aspect in the taco.

The Kalyra added a citrus and honey element to the taco. Not bad.

Next up was the Fresco Taco which was salty, herbal (cilantro), and earthy.

The Wallace kind of overpowered the taco but the herbal aspect remained.

The Kalyra was perfect. The taco remained herbal and fresh. The wine cleansed the palate of salt and was refreshing.

Just as a side tasting, I tried the wines with just the sauce packets. I did the Fire and the Verde.

The Fire made the Wallace taste like hot, spicy fruit. Not good. However, with the Kalyra, the sauce was tempered a little and had a citrus element.

The Verde sauce was covered up by the Wallace. Not good. But it was perfect with the Kalyra. It still retained it’s zesty citrus flavor.

So there you have it! And this will not be the last time I savor the junk food goodness of Taco Bell with good wine….because I have yet to try the Taco Salad…and you get to eat the bowl!

P.S. I would like to Thank my niece Courtney for introducing me to Kalyra wines. This winery is one of her favorites.


3 thoughts on “Wallace, Kalyra, & Taco Bell

  1. Sorry Tex, as much as I love those Doritos Tacos, called Locos Tacos out here in Cali., I can’t resist washin’ ’em down with an ice cold lager beer. on the lite side like Pacifico or my favorite, Longboard Island Lager. not that I don’t trust your advice on the Fruits of the Vine.


    • That’s ok… J Dawg. I still love my buds that drink the suds.
      One of my favorite “go to” beers is Shiner Bock from Shiner, Texas 😉


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