The Wild Rose’ Class

The Rose' Class

The Rose’ Class

This is my 3rd post about rose’ wine. I really like rose’. It’s helps me cope with the hot Texas weather, it’s affordable and it goes well with fun food like hot dogs & Taco Bell. When I tell people that, I usually get blank stares or the other reaction is “Yuck! it’s too sweet.”

So I decided my mission for my Twisted Peeps Wine Class was to prove that rose’ is not what your Grandma or what your parent’s drank in the 1960’s & 1970’s a.k.a. …Mateus.

My choices for class:

Brotte “Les Eglantiers” from Tavel (Rhone region) France.

Chateau de Berne “Impatience” from Cotes de Provence, France.

Charles & Charles from Washington, USA.

Goats do Roam from South Africa.

Olivares from Jumilla, Spain.

The first rose’ the class tried was the Brotte. I knew this was going to get their attention because it was so balanced with light fruit and acidic minerality, not sweet at all. I love rose’ from Tavel. The class really perked up and got excited about trying the others.

Next was Chateau de Berne. This was a hit or a miss with the Twisted Peeps. It had more herbal perfume qualities. Some thought “Herbes de Provence” was infused in the wine. I don’t know if that was subliminal, but the bottle looked like a perfume bottle…interesting…

The third and the fave of the class was the Charles & Charles. Bright fresh stone fruits, watermelon and a zesty finish. I had to stop a few from pouring another glass before we got to the last 2 wines….things were getting out of hand and side conversations were getting very loud.  Fun with rose’ was kicking in!

The Goats do Roam was not a hit. Most said it was funky and rough to drink. I think it needed food. It was the most full-bodied wine out of the group.

Our last rose’ was Olivares. The class liked this one. It was red fruits and spicy with an earthy finish.

By this time, I had pretty much lost control of the class. It didn’t bother me too much because they were having a great time discovering wines that they thought would not be worth their time or money.

So to get their attention, I brought out a bottle of Mateus. They couldn’t wait to try it. But before I opened it, I showed them a commercial for Mateus:

So after the laughter stopped, we opened the Mateus and it was sweet grapes with some effervescence. A few people said…please don’t “bring it on home”!!

Cheers Y’all!

Your Twisted Sommelier,






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