So Much Wine & Sporkable Food, What's a Sommelier to do!

Wine and food have always been a source of pleasure and fascination for me. My Mother was a fantastic cook and loved to experiment. I also love the fact that a sense of “community” can be created around the dinner table.

I came into the wine world kind of by “accident”. An opportunity to take Sommelier classes presented itself and I jumped on it. So I am now a Certified Level 2 Sommelier through the International Sommelier Guild.

For me, wine should be fun and enhance any kind of food; including “sporkable” (cheap) food.

This “blog” is my personal journey. My hope is to entertain, inform and create a sense of “Community”.

After all; “Live! Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” – Auntie Mame

** If you are looking for a fun & informative wine tasting, please contact me…I’ve never lost a customer to boredom 😉 **


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Lori, So good to finally sit down and read your website. Your style is too much fun! Saw you at Times Ten this past weekend but was too busy to bother you. Anytime you need an accomplice, give me a call. Diana


  2. I love the blog~ it sounds so you!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, the closest I’ve been to a winery or vineyard is the episode of “I Love Lucy” where she is stomping the grapes~ Man, I have missed out! I love your “sense” of community! Hats off!


  3. Lori,

    I have been in the wine business for 15 years and do a lot of marketing for California winery’s within Texas. It is great you have the passion.



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