Surviving Texsom 2016

In one word: Spit!

It is one of the best educational, friendship building, fun times you can have with a bunch of wine geeks in 3 days.

My 2 favorite seminars: “Rum Complexities”. I really took rum for granted & had no idea it could have so many nuances…plus we had to say “argh” like a pirate before class started. I love Sommeliers that have a sense of humor.

Many Glasses of Rum

Many Glasses of Rum

The other seminar was a retrospective of Robert Mondavi Fume’ Blanc aka Sauvignon Blanc. I was so surprised at the age-ability of Sauvignon Blanc. My favorite was the 2001. I enjoyed the history of the Mondavi family & vineyards.

Robert Mondavi Fume' Blanc - 2014,2013,2012,2008,2004,2001,1996

Robert Mondavi Fume’ Blanc – 2014, 2013, 2012, 2008, 2004, 2001, 1996

My favorite Hospitality Suite was Mutual Trading Company’s sake. It was such a welcomed change from all of the wine and It had been a long time since I had good sake.

Mutual Trading Company - Sake!

Mutual Trading Company – Sake!

Some of my favorite wines I discovered:

This was a very simplistic overview of Texsom, but so much goes on and so many people are involved that it is hard to detail everything. I’m just glad I got to experience it with these people: @Friscokid49 @ryan_sorrell @redouxwine @sheripattilo @MattMcGinnis

I will be back!

Spit Cup, Bag, Book & Info Cards

Spit Cup, Bag, Book & Info Cards

P.S. Lots of Wine & Information






Champagne + Banana Pudding = Comfort

Champagne & Banana Pudding with Chessmen Butter Cookies

J. Lassalle Champagne & Banana Pudding with Chessmen Butter Cookies

Howdy Twisted Peeps!

It has been way too long since my last post and a lot has happened to me emotionally and physically.

After my Dad died, I (along with my sisters) had to deal with selling our family farm. That included a 2800 sq.ft house, 13 acres of land, farm equipment, a rodent infested barn and a house full of items that my parent’s had accumulated for over 30 years.

After we got that done, then my husband and I decided that we needed to be financially pro-active and sell our house. Sully’s unemployment was taking a toll on our savings and it didn’t make sense to use some of it to maintain our house. So we sold our house and most of our possessions and moved into an apartment.

To say this has been a year of transition, has been an understatement! I’m damn tired of it too!

I was so happy when we got an invite to just hang out, eat pizza and BYOB with some of our friends that we had not seen in a long time.

I brought my “go to” champagne, J. Lassalle. It is around $35 and it is a “grower” champagne. That means the family makes champagne from their own grapes…sort of a “farmer’s cuvee”. Normally, Champagne Houses buy grapes from farmers all over the Champagne region. They do not grow the grapes. Look for the letters “RM” on the label. That is how you know it is a Grower Champagne.

J. Lassalle is also run by 3 generations of women. Here is the website:

This champagne was wonderful with the assortment of pizzas, especially the veggie. Dessert was a homemade banana pudding with Chessmen Butter cookies. The pudding was not overly sweet and it complimented the nutty, yeasty bread elements in the champagne. It was a delightful match!

The whole evening was filled with laughter and catching up on how everyone is dealing with their “transitions”. It really was comforting to know that gathering around a table with friends will always be uplifting and never change.

Cheers Y’all!

Lori – Your Twisted Sommelier