Part 3: Texas State Fair Wine & Dine

Vintage Lane & Lost Oak Wines

Vintage Lane & Lost Oak Wines

Fairhaven Vineyards Wine

Fairhaven Vineyards Wine

Weinhof Winery

Weinhof Winery

This is the final post about my wine & dine experience at the Texas State Fair.

I had to try a Fletcher’s corny dog with wine. There is something about Fletcher’s…maybe it’s the batter, it’s earthy with a bit of sweetness that encompasses the salty meatiness of the dog.

*I did not put mustard or ketchup on my corny dog.

The Wines:

Vintage Lane (Subsidiary of Lost Oak Winery) Willow White – bright acidity and floral. It was good and refreshing with the dog.

Lost Oak Winery “Crimson Oak” – light tar, some spiciness. The wine added some spice to the dog. Not bad.

Weinhof Winery Gewürztraminer – sweet with an earthy undertone. It was a good match because it brought out the sweetness in the batter.

Fairhaven Vineyards Blanc du Bois – slightly sweet with a refreshing clean finish. Really good with the corny dog.

Fairhaven Vineyards Chambourcin – blueberry & cherry with good acidity. It added more earthiness to the dog. It was a good match with the meat of the dog but it did cover up the sweetness of the batter.

I did the same wines with Avocado Fries. The fries were spicy and crunchy with a rich earthy flavor.

Vintage Lane Willow White – The wine had enough body and floral sweetness to stand up to the spiciness of the fries.

Lost Oak “Crimson Oak” – The fries flattened the wine and made it bland. Not good.

Weinhof Gewürztraminer – good pairing because the wine was sweet and the food was spicy. Opposites are a good thing in this instance.

Fairhaven Blanc du Bois – The fries spiciness and the acidity in the wine was not the best pairing.

Fairhaven Chambourcin – This was a nice pairing because the wine had enough dark fruit element to counter the spice in the fries. I also want to say that this wine is not sweet. However, Fairhaven does offer a sweet (dolce) version that reminded me of a well-balanced Black Muscat.

This concludes my adventures in Texas State Fair food & wine offerings and I hope I can work off the pounds I gained….what I do for my Twisted Peeps LOL!

Avocado Fries & Fletcher's Corny Dog-the aftermath

Avocado Fries & Fletcher’s Corny Dog-the aftermath

Cheers Y’all!

Lori – Your Twisted Sommelier

Texas State Fair Wine & Dine

This is a quick wine & food pairing guide to the Texas State Fair.


Food: Fried Guacamole -tangy & spicy. My favorite food. I get this every year.

Wine: Los Pinos Vermentino – honey, herbal with a little citrus. Very good with the guacamole.

Wine: Los Pinos Texican – fruit forward with a little earth & mineral. Nothing changed with the food or the wine. Good.

Wine: Messina Hof Blanc du Bois – light grapefruit with a light mixed citrus finish. The guacamole overpowered the wine because of the spiciness.


Food: Fried Shrimp Boil – This won “Best Taste 2014” and I really don’t know why. It was just a bunch of corn flavored fried dough with a slight fishy flavor.

Wine: Flat Creek Dama Rosa Rose’ – fresh strawberries with a little orange blossom & honey.  The wine really made the food better. Very Good!

Wine: Flat Creek Super Texan – earth, dirt a little dark fruit. The wine was good with the shrimp and added some spice.

Wine: Messina Hof DRZ – dark fruits with earthy dark spices and a light acidic finish. This was good with the shrimp because it cut the grease and added spice.


Frito Pie…..nothing was good. Just get a beer.

Cheers, Y’all from the Texas State Fair!

Lori – Your Twisted Sommelier

I Love This Texas Wine!

2010 Calais Tailleur Zinfandel/Sangiovese Blend

2010 Calais Tailleur Zinfandel/Sangiovese Blend

When my friend Benjamin Calais said he was working on a blend of Zinfandel & Sangiovese, I thought that this was going to be an interesting fun wine to drink, but I didn’t think it would be so sublime and food friendly.

Most of the time when I think of Zinfandel, it is the bold, dark fruit with lots of pepper and high alcohol wine that I can only have with food because I feel like my mouth is on fire. But this is different because of the blending with the Sangiovese. Benjamin really knew what he was doing with this wine.

The Sangiovese gives the wine a soft earthiness and a brightness of cherry. It has a wonderful finish and it is relatively low in alcohol 13.4% so it is very drinkable on its own.

I did an experiment with different foods:

Fried black-eyed peas (yes I brought them home from the Texas State Fair). The peas were nutty, earthy and spicy. The dark fruit of the wine tempered the spiciness of the peas, but the peas kept their nutty flavor. It was a fun pairing.

This wine also went well with salmon in a maple peppercorn glaze. Again, the dark fruit tempered the spiciness of the peppercorn, and the bright cherry aspect of the wine helped keep the sweetness of the maple. Because this wine is medium bodied, it did not over power the fish.

Pairing this wine with meat sauce and spaghetti was a no-brainer. All I can say is that I wish I could have had more of both but being bloated and drunk ain’t pretty…

So here’s the snap shot:

100% Texas grapes from the High Plains AVA

75% Zinfandel 25% Sangiovese

Aged 15 months in French oak

13.4% alcohol

Smell: black cherry, nutmeg, plum, caramel Taste: plum, licorice, bright cherry,raspberry, earth, with soft tannins.

This wine was opened for 3 days (I kept it in the door of the fridge & used a rubber stopper) and it was still good to drink.

October is Texas Wine month and I can’t think of a better wine to celebrate with!

Cheers Y’all!

By the way, for those who are lucky enough the be in Dallas Nov. 3rd; it is the Dallas Wine Trail. Go to the site to get the low down and hopefully Benjamin will be pouring this wine.