2nd Update of Sommelier Class


Well things have been kind of rocky….

The instructor is going to be gone for the next 2 weeks so we have crammed 5 weeks into 3. And last week I was so stressed because he was going to give a practice test, I felt like I was studying for Finals all over again. Luckily I passed; but it was not pretty. I was also coming down with a sinus infection (which I still have). We did tasting with ports and sherries; also known as “fortified wines” and all of them smelled like antifreeze and tasted like cough syrup. Thank goodness we weren’t tested on them.

This “mock” test did give me some insight into the fact that my brain does not retain like it used to and I need to write down things a lot more often. It sucks getting old…

I am grateful that I had the presence of mind to write down each grape, its soil type, region, characteristics, and how it should smell and taste.

The only pleasant thing that happened in last Sunday’s class was that we tasted a Barbaresco wine made from the Nebbiolo grape; which from what I gather is a special grape. And I agree! Even in my medicated, sickly state; I could tell it was unusual. Believe it or not, it is supposed to smell like “tar & roses”. 

 The official Level One test is in 2 weeks, so at least I have time to study and recover from this sinus infection. Because I need my nose so I can sniff the wine!


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