First Day of Sommelier Class


My head hurts and it’s not from the wine! I have had to memorize so many facts and terms that I think I’m going to burst into flames.

I have to know the history and development of wine. Thanks to Spain; we got vines into the “new world” from Mexico in 1525 then into California in 1769 courtesy of Father Junipero Serro at Mission San Diego.

I get to know ALL about the chemistry of sulfur, acidity, pH,alcohol, “brix” that means sugar content; and of course “vinification” the process of making wine…not to be confused with “viticulture” which is the science & art of grape growing.

The only bright spot during class (at least for me) was when our instructor did an informal “blind” tasting challenge to see if we could pick out the Chardonnays from the Sauvignon Blancs and then further narrow it down to what had been “oaked”. I got them all correct!

The instructor is Darryl Beeson and has been in the industry for ages. BTW….he knows the Riedel family (they make some of the best wine glasses in the world) and just to let you know; Riedel rhymes with “needle”. See y’all are getting educated along with me and I’m giving out this info for free!

I have class every Sunday from 1-6 for the next 3 months and the final is 100 multiple choice questions and 4 essays.

I better go now and study; I have class tomorrow….


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