Texas/France Terrior

I’m feeling a little mischievous… 

I have always wanted to know what the big deal is about wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy…

Is it the fact that France has some of the best soil and climate for growing grapes?

The diverse regions and topography?

The good P.R. that they have perpetuated for hundreds of years?

The fact that winegrowers believe in “Terroir”. Pronounced “ter wahr”. It is the whole package of natural and human forces that affect the grapevine.

 Well I think it is because of one little detail…in 1863 a nasty root lice (phylloxera vastatrix) almost wiped out the French vineyards until a horticulturist from Denison, Texas discovered that grafting native American vines to the French vines would make them resistant to the lice.

 So I will raise a glass to Thomas Munson for introducing a little “Texas Terroir” to French wine!

 Bonjour Y’all!


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