Ramblings & Swords


Segura Viudas uncorked w/ sword


These are little tidbits I have learned so far; I hope you find them entertaining…

 The Willamette Valley in Oregon is famous for the Pinot Noir grape but no one seems to pronounce the valley’s name correctly. It is “will-AM-it”  rhymes with “Damn it”! People from Oregon are about as rabid about their wine as the French.

 Wines from Connecticut and Long Island, New York are great finds. The latitude of Connecticut is about the same as Bordeaux France…hhhmmmm……

 A proper description for the smell of Sauvignon Blanc wine is “cat pee”. Yum!

 If you drink a red wine high in tannin; you should feel like your teeth are wearing little sweaters.

 A Riesling that has been aged about 10 years can be a beautiful gold color and taste sublime!

 There are less than 200 Master Sommeliers in the world and 4 live in Texas.

 An afternoon drinking port, sherry, and champagne can lead to a very lively class; especially if the teacher brings in his Moet Saber Society Sword and everyone gets to take the tops off of champagne bottles with it. Yours Truly did it in two tries! There were corks flying and bubbly overflowing…it was the best class ever!


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