Tasting in the Dark

The last update got a lot of responses!

I appreciate your concerns for my safety in dealing with sharp objects and my impending alcoholism.

  I also am tickled that some of y’all think I should do a blog*(at the time of this writing; I was only writing for family & close friends) and become a member of the elite group of Master Sommeliers. The blog I might consider; but never Master Sommelier. I’m too old, my study skills are not that good and I have read that some people take the test 5-6 times before passing.

 My tasting skills came in handy the other evening when I was dining with my cousin Catherine; who is very knowledgeable about wine too.  She ordered a Chardonnay and I ordered a Riesling. We tasted our drinks and she thought the waiter mixed them up. They looked alike so we smelled and tasted both wines; neither were sweet and both had a clean finish. We came to the conclusion that the Chardonnay did not smell fruity but tasted more fruit forward and the Riesling smelled more like fruit and had a more mineral taste.

The next evening I was at a classmate’s house. We were studying for an upcoming test and we had a Riesling and a Chardonnay. I was so happy that the wines had the same basic properties as the wines from the night before. We were right Catherine!!!

 Tomorrow we are doing a tasting test. The final is broken into 3 sections: tasting, 100 multiple choice and 2 essays. The other 2 sections will be given next week.

 Take Care…better get to my studies! 😉


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