Toasts & Prayer

I had a sad event this week.

My Uncle Leland passed away and we buried him on his family ranch in Corsicana with his white cowboy hat under the massive oak trees.

 After the service; my Aunt Sue told me a story about how she got together with their children and their families and requested that they get out a good bottle of wine and toast to the memory of Leland.

They chose Silver Oak….

 Silver Oak is a winery in California that is famous for doing nothing but Cabernet Sauvignon; even their blended wine is at least 80% Cabernet, and the wine is aged in all American oak barrels. This wine, to me, is so iconic of the American Spirit: independent and robust…much like my Uncle.  And the fact that an oak tree is its symbol is classic.

 This led me to thinking about when we say a “toast” and raise a glass; it is like a little prayer. You always say something positive like “health” or “happiness” to the people you are gathered with, and in the case of the passing of a loved one, you are recalling and sharing a wonderful memory about them which can become a healing prayer.

 So everyone, get your favorite beverage and give a “toast” to family and friends….



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