Fun w/ Q & A

I got some interesting food and wine questions….

If it is a Spam & Egg Sandwich on wheat, is it still a Pinot Noir?
 Dear Reader; Pinot Noir is still a good choice. However, you might also try a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand because they have a more herbal flavor than citrus to compliment the grease and “earthiness” of the sandwich.
(I was afraid that I was going to get more Spam questions and this was going to turn into a Monty Python sketch) 😉

What goes well with fried bologna? 

Since you might be tasting a lot of “meat by-products” and grease (again); try a Cabernet Sauvignon.

How ’bout fried butter?

Boy, y’all do love fried things!
Well…..perhaps a fruit forward Chardonnay with a dry finish. At least that might cleanse your palate and wake up your taste buds!

what wine goes with hard boiled eggs?

Finally something not fried!
A delightfully light Dolcetto or a spicy Gewurztraminer.

I seek a wine with depth of complexity and richness of flavor. It can be mellow and mild, hearty and rich. I desire a wine that has a deep red color, with the primary taste being black currant. Other overtones can include blackberry, with a slight oaky, vanilla flavor, developing a sprinkling of five or six tastes within it. 

Quite the demanding question from a very demanding person!
How about that “Six Clones” Merlot that you stole out from under me while we were at Calais Winery and doing the blind tasting!!!!
Seriously y’all; this Merlot is like a Cabernet and I flunked the blind tasting. However, my neighbor got it right…..GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!


We gunna barbeque a possum and have hog eyes and chitlins
to go with. Kenya recomend a zin that aint morn a dollar?

Unfortunately, this is out of my expertise especially with the price point. All I can think of is the Wal-mart Oak Leaf wines, but I think you will be paying around $3. Good Luck!

Thank You Everyone for the laughs!

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