Passed Level 2

Well kids the results are in……

and I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually remembered the difference & similarities between Champagne & Cava. That was one of the 4 essay questions.
I will be very honest and say this was a beating but I survived. I enjoyed exercising the gerbils in my brain and finding out that there is more to wine than just the taste.
I still have a lot to learn and this will be something of a life-long pursuit; much like my love of ikebana (Japanese flower arranging). If you ask me “what is a white Burgundy”? I will hesitate (as the gerbils kick into gear) and say….aaaahhhh……Chardonnay!
I promise not be snob and will still laugh when given Mogan David as a gift and I will not judge my “White Zinfandel” friends. After all, White Zin. is one of the biggest money makers for a vineyard.
Please everyone; send me questions! it will help me learn more or if you find something interesting; let me know. Or if you can’t decide what wine will go with that perfect Spam sandwich…

Your support has been fabulous.

As for the Spam sandwich…you might try a Pinot Noir!


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