Beef Jerky & 4 Wines

A friend of mine got a dehydrator for Christmas and discovered that he is very good at making beef jerky.

Cody is a good cook anyway. I love his jerky because it is natural and meaty tasting. He does not over-power it with pepper, molasses or smoke.

I got the idea that it would pair really well with wine. So I chose 4 wines; all from Dallas, Texas wineries.

The 1st one: Fuqua Winery 2006 Merlot ( The taste of this Merlot is plum,violet, a little citrus with a smooth finish. It was very well balanced with the jerky and even brought out a little brown sugar in the meat.

The 2nd one: Calais Winery 2006 Cuvee du Commerce ( It is a blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon & 15% Syrah. The taste of this wine is black cherry,leather,smoke. It actually enhanced the meatiness of the jerky and added a smoky flavor.

The 3rd one: Inwood Estates 2007 Tempranillo “Cornelious” ( The Tempranillo is rustic, earthy wine with dark fruit & vanilla flavors. It brought out a little bit of plum and a lot of smoky wood in the meat.

The 4th one: Times Ten Cellars 2007 Zinfandel ( The taste of this wine is black tea, plum, black cherry and vanilla – very rich. It complimented the meat  and added a fruit and pepper taste. I think the meat actually made the wine smoother. Zinfandel wines are usually high in alcohol so they taste a little peppery.

I really liked all the wines with the jerky. Each one brought out something different and unexpected. Who knew that jerky could taste so diverse…pretty good for a dried up ‘ol piece of meat.

Well Done Cody!


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