Darryl Beeson


Darryl Beeson Memorial


My Sommelier instructor, Darryl Beeson passed away recently from a car accident. It was a shock.

He was very kind and intelligent. He wanted to make the “wine world” unpretentious.

I remember telling him that I really didn’t know very much about wine and he said, “If a good ‘ol boy from Garland, Texas can learn this; you can too.”

One day in class, I horrified some of my classmates by taking a few sips of an expensive  *Amarone wine and dumping the rest because I did not like the rich prune/raisin taste.  During one of our breaks; I pulled Darryl aside and apologized for what I had done. His response was, “Too many people are caught up in the price of a wine. If you didn’t like it; don’t worry about it.”

* Amarone is an Italian wine, where the grapes are left to dry for 4 months until they become raisins with a high alcohol content. It almost has a “port-like” quality. 

Almost at every class he would ask us what local “Mom & Pop” restaurant did you go to this week? “Remember to support the local people.” 

I kind of think he is responsible for the “Sporkable” section of my blog and my quest to support Texas wines.

So, Darryl until I can decide what wine from the 4 local wineries here in Dallas to toast you with; how about a Haiku?

Irreverent smile

Warm red grapes revealed kindness

Laughing bubbles rise

* I would like to thank my fellow “Vino Amiga”; Gail for the photo of our teacher.


4 thoughts on “Darryl Beeson

  1. Oh Lori, I’m so sorry. This must indeed be a shock. Great instructors are truly a gift. The best ones not only communicate valuable information, they also leave us infected with their distinctive enthusiasm. Clearly, Darryl Beeson was such a teacher for you and likely many others his talent touched. I didn’t even know him, but your tribute leaves me moved. Based on your lovely depiction, he seems to have been not only a wonderful teacher, but also a man of uncommon humor, good sense and an awareness of responsibility to his community.


  2. Lori, what a very sweet and touching honor to your instructor. I’m glad he had the opportunity to know and teach you. So sorry for the loss of such a wonderful person. Prayers go out to his family and friends.


  3. Lori,
    I loved reading this about my dad. I know he would have been so proud, knowing that you had these fond memories of him. I loved your haiku.



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