Snow Will Dilute Wine


I wanted to pass some wisdom on to my wine peeps who drink their wine under all kinds of conditions.

Snow is not your friend!

My Hubby & I were enjoying helping (actually watching) the neighbors make a “snow bear” . I was standing and talking (making suggestions) with a glass of Calais Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah when I took a sip of this wonderful wine and noticed that it had lost a layer of fruit & spice! My glass was dripping with snow and my wine was diluted….not good….I could not believe how much moisture had accumulated in my glass. All I could taste was mild cherry and weak pepper.Plus the cold toned down the tobacco/smoke flavor I love so much.

So no matter what other wine snobs think; I recommend a cup with a lid; like child’s sippy cup. Because with the weather being so freaking cold, you are not going to be “nosing” the wine anyway and if you slip in the snow; you don’t have to worry about breakage or spillage!

Take Care drinking in the snow.

Protect your wine!


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