Wine & Music Feed My Soul

This post is sort of a “Part 2” of “No Wine, No Joy”.

I thought I would be on the road to recovery with my sinus issue; but that is not the case. I think sinus surgery is in my future….

However, as of right now, I am finished with my medicine and have just started to get back into the swing of drinking wine again! So until I can get my palate in working order.. I wanted to let you in on another passion of mine and one that has kept some joy in my life while I’ve been forced into “teetotalling”…and that is music.

I am really lucky that I live in Dallas because there are so many talented musicians here and I actually call some of them friends…at least a few have said that they would claim me as a friend and no restraining order has been issued, so I guess I’m not a stalker 😉

Here are the people that I see on a regular basis and whose music just really amazes me. Plus they are just damn nice guys! And as a “bonus” I’ll suggest a wine to go with their music. 😉

First is a band called The O’s. These 2 guys (Taylor Young & John Pedigo), play 7 instruments! If you see them live, your jaw will drop at how well they play so many instruments…they multi-task very well ;-). I love their Roots, Folk, Bluegrass sound and their lyrics are humorous and intelligent.

Here is the website: Here is a link to some videos:

The wine to drink while listening to the The O’s: An iconic American Cabernet Sauvignon from Silver Oak ( ). Their wine is just as bold & brash as Taylor & John….so full of flavor that you keep coming back for more.

The Second band on the list is Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch. These boys play down and dirty Blues/Rock. I love their grit, soul and passion. Watch for them because these guys have staying power. Jason’s talent is not only his guitar work, but also his singing and songwriting abilities. He is the real deal.

Here is the website: Here are Jason Elmore, Chris Waw, & Jon Zoog playing at a dive called The Goat (the quality not the best, but you get the idea):

What wine with Hoodoo Witch? Try an Inwood Estates Tempranillo ( ). I have said many times that it is a Bar-B-Que in a glass. You just can’t resist that down & dirty smoky, earthy goodness with just the right amount of black cherry/plum to make it “sweet”.

Next up is one of the Masters of the slide guitar, Mr. Jim Suhler. He is so smooth but has mournful, powerful sound. He is unassuming but lets his guitar do the talking. He also is very generous to other musicians. He and Jason play together on occasion. Here is Jim’s & his band Monkey Beat website: If his site is not up to date, please forgive him; he tours quite a bit with George Thorogood ( 😉

Here is a cool video of Jim playing the slide guitar, very up close:

Here is Jim with the percussionist, Jamal Mohamed (love him too):

The wine pairing with Jim’s music is a Petite Syrah from Four Vines called Heretic ( ). It is full of bold fruit flavors and dark spices. It lingers on the palate just like velvet. It comes on strong but then mellows out. Outstanding!

Here is Jason with Jim:

Here is Jim, Jason & Jamal doing a Jimi Hendrix song:

Lastly is a musician who is not local (he should be) but is considered one of the best up and coming guitarist. He is Joe Bonamassa and he has played with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and B.B. King is one of his biggest supporters. Jim Suhler has also lent his support to Joe. He plays with such diversity that I never tire of his music. He started out with Classical, then moved on to Blues, Rock and he is still experimenting. He is amazing and humble.

His website: Here is Joe playing at the Royal Albert Hall:

Pinot Noir comes to mind when I think of Joe’s music. This wine is so versatile and great with lots of different foods. When in doubt, order the Pinot Noir. I love the Pinots from Laetitia ( ). One in particular is their single vineyard Les Galets. Mineral, dark berry, cola with a velvet finish makes this a very intriguing wine.

Well I hope this was entertaining and I really hope you check out these musicians as well as the wines. Please support your local music/arts scene.

Here is a little gallery of photos of “The Boys”. Unfortunately, some of these are not the best quality but I sure had fun getting them!


6 thoughts on “Wine & Music Feed My Soul

  1. I love this posting! What a creative idea to think of music and wine together. A real synthesis of the senses. I’ll have to check out these musicians.


  2. Now that is a fine take on wine and music. Good times in Texas! BTW, Mr. Bonamassa loves wine. Big Cabernets in particular.


    • Thanks Rick! I had a feeling Mr. Bonamassa liked big Cabs. Especially since he mentioned to me that he drank a certain 2nd label of Duckhorn.


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