A Cool Wrap That Burned My Palate

I love spicy food. I even will eat jalapenos. I like to think this is something I “inherited” from my Mom because she craved spicy food while she was pregnant with me.

So whenever, I eat at Chick-Fil-A ( http://www.chick-fil-a.com ) I always get the Spicy Cool Wrap…forget the plain ‘ol chicken sandwich…give me something with zest!

The cool wrap itself is good with charbroiled chicken, lettuce, tomato, & cheese rolled in a thin “tortilla”. The flavors are earthy & smokey. But then you add the spicy sauce… WOW! what an explosion! The sauce is red pepper, smoke & tangy with a little earthy cream flavor. I love dipping the waffle fries in it.

Normally I will pair this dish with water, ginger ale, or Dr.Pepper; but I decided since my sporkable food peeps were yearning for some more food posts..I needed to oblige them.

So here is the wine list that I drank with this dish:

Firestone Sauvignon Blanc ( http://www.firestonewine.com )Smell: very light green apple, pear, honey. Taste: very light lemon, green herbs and finished with a spicy acidity.

Becker Vineyard Chardonnnay  ( http://www.beckervineyards.com ) Smell: apple, vanilla, pear. Taste: apple, butter, with a bit of citrus.

Biltmore Century Red (blend of Sangiovese & Merlot) – ( http://www.biltmore.com/our_wine ) Smell: licorice, black cherry & gravel. Taste: strawberry, plum, dirt, currant.

Biltmore Century White (blend of Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Muscat Canelli) – Smell: honeysuckle, plum blossom, hibiscus. Taste: white flower, honey & orange.

First, I tasted the wrap without the sauce:

The Sauvignon Blanc enhanced the earthiness of the wrap but toned down the smoke flavor…really not bad.

The Chardonnay gave the wrap a more creamy, buttery flavor. Good!

The Biltmore Red enhanced the pepper element of the wrap but diminished the smoke. The finish of the wine was very smooth.

The Biltmore White made the wrap fruitier but the wrap made the wine a little spicy. It was kind of an even exchange. Nice.

Now the spicy sauce was added:

The Sauvignon Blanc became spicy as well as the sandwich, but the harsh black pepper of the sauce toned down.It was o.k.

The Chardonnay added lots of acid, pepper & citrus to the sandwich. ACK! not good.

At this point, I was eating waffle fries (without sauce) to “cool”  my palate…..

The Biltmore Red did not help my situation. It made the sandwich more spicy but the sandwich made the wine earthier. Your guess is as good as mine at this point….

Finally The Biltmore White. I had hoped that this would be the perfect pairing, but unfortunately it was not because the sauce was SO spicy with red & green chilies that the wine was a little over-powered. The wine brought out a citrus flavor in the sandwich, but the sandwich made the wine a little too spicy. If the wine had been 100% Muscat or Gewurtraminer, then it would have done well. Sweet & spicy work well together. That’s why when I go to a B.Y.O.B. Thai or Indian restaurant, I always take a sweet wine.

So after all of this tasting…my tongue actually became numb!  That Chick-Fil-A spicy sauce was becoming atomic. Wine nor water quenched my thirst or cooled my palate. The only thing to do was drink a Dr. Pepper ( http://drpepper.com ) but not just any Dr. Pepper…one from Dublin,Texas that is made with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar… Aaaahhhh!

Cheers Y’all!


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